Kisoboka means “it is possible”.

With Women Kisoboka (WWK) works to lift up the women of Uganda who live at the lowest income level by providing them with the resources to build agency, meaning, and connection in their lives so that they can positively transform themselves, their family and their community.
Take a look at our 2020 Annual Report and witness how we drew upon our resilience, fortitude, flexibility and creativity to move forward for the sake of the most vulnerable and marginalized women who are doing the same for their children and for generations to come.
The two very specific ways WWK differs from other organizations are:
1) We don’t tell the women we work with what they need…they tell us,
2) We seek ultimately not to be needed… but to define ways for all marginalized women to transform themselves and in doing so their communities.

How do we do this? WWK partners with local communities to help women survive the ongoing health challenges of the pandemic, understand their innate potential, and thrive as entrepreneurs. 100% of your donation goes towards programs that show vulnerable women, living in the urban settlements and remote rural villages of Uganda, how their initiative and resourcefulness can be used to lift themselves from the dire circumstances of extreme poverty into a life of stability and financial independence.

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"We have been so impressed by the work done by WWK. Their dedication to helping women learn to help themselves is the formula for long-term success and a pathway out of poverty. WWK is dedicated to empowering these amazing women. We are so proud to support such an impactful organization.”

—Drs. Carol and Barry Eiden, funding partners since 2018



In WWK member Nabwami Dinah’s words, “I am a mother of four children. Right now, I stay with my 2 little children, the others are married after dropping out of school because we could not pay. I lost the daddy of my children in 2002, and since have been a single mom. I have tried, tooth and nail, to ensure that I educate my children but, in vain because I had to pay for house rent, home basic care and meet all the school dues. I was given capital, which enabled me [to] start a cassava chips making business. I can now pay for my children’s school fees and meet all the basic needs at home." Read more of the women's stories here.


With Women Kisoboka (WWK) is a women-led and operated indigenous NGO in Uganda that works hand-in-hand with an affiliate US-based nonprofit focused on changing community systems and improving gender equality through women's economic empowerment. Your donation lifts up the vulnerable women of Uganda living at the lowest income level and supports their path to economic opportunity and participation. WWK works with a community focus and currently engages 900 women in 6 communities across Uganda. Our programs include deepening financial inclusion, continuous learning and community-based skill development. Our purpose is to end generational poverty by providing the tools and skills for women who have been continually denied the ability to make strategic life choices so that they can thrive economically and in every aspect that will bring about a better life.

Your support promotes women’s empowerment, decent work and economic growth, and many of the other sustainable development goals. Combined together, these provide a global model for social and economic transformation to women who need it the most.

In the words of Biira Estaluzi Makoma, a member of WWK's local partner, Bliss Feme: "I live in the hills of Kamaghobe in western Uganda. I work in brick making. Since the pandemic, I’ve been sharing how to make bricks with other women of WWK because it is a useful business to provide better housing in our community. I used to live with my seven children in a neglected 2-room shelter. With the capital from WWK and literacy and business learning I received since 2019 when I joined, I have been able to build this 5-room home for my family. My eldest boy is studying nursing which I know will help our family and neighbors. I am so happy I feel I can see a bright future even during this challenging time.” Read more stories from our local partners here.

Our Graduation Policy

Our graduation policy starts with developing an entrepreneurial mindset, moves to increased economic empowerment, and ultimately to personal and community transformation. This policy is peer-driven by the women who have graduated the program. It is implemented with a specific understanding by the program leads of each local partner. In other words, we listen. The women tell us what we can do to assist them in achieving their goals.

WWK’s vision that is always top-of-mind is to help women achieve self-reliance and to enable the NGO and our local partners to mature into a self-operating organization.

We are growing organically and strategically, as word spreads quickly among local friends. And with your sponsorship, we can partner with more women to achieve their potential.