Kisoboka means “it is possible”.

With Women Kisoboka (WWK) works to lift up the women of Uganda who live at the lowest income level by providing them with the resources to build agency, meaning, and connection in their lives so that they can positively transform themselves, their family and their community.

In recognition of women all over the world who suffer from oppression, inequity, marginalization, and vulnerability, we share an uplifting story of Nakayiza Aminah, WWK Program Director.

Our Approach

Our approach, which is driven by the women we serve as they are experts in their own lives, starts with developing an entrepreneurial mindset, moves to increased economic empowerment, and leads to personal and community transformation. Our intended impact is for Uganda's marginalized women to become leaders and change agents in their community.

Take a look at our 2022-2023 Annual Report and witness how we drew upon our resilience, fortitude, flexibility and creativity to move forward for the sake of the most vulnerable and marginalized women who are doing the same for their children and for generations to come.