100% of your donation goes to programs empowering marginalized women who live at the lowest income level. These programs help more than just the individual woman... they transform the influence the women hold in their community.

The World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report 2020 stresses the urgency of closing the gender gap now for the sake of all societies, economies and business worldwide. This report specifically calls on the need to make progress on gender equality in economic participation and opportunity.
This is where you and WWK are making a difference.

"I joined as a member of With Women Kisoboka/Bliss Feme early in 2020. Having access to capital for the first time, I began the business of buying and selling beans. With profits from this business, I was able to buy a goat and four chickens, and my income has continued to improve. Last spring, I felt lucky to learn new business skills... just before the Covid lockdown. I am so grateful to now be able to contribute to my family by providing food and clothing. I am also paying for school fees which have made possible for my older daughter to finish a nursing course! —Birra Yosinta

With Women Kisoboka (US) is a
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

All contributions to support
With Women Kisoboka are tax deductible.
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