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Bliss Feme

Bliss Feme
Kanyampara-Kamughobe 1; Nyabirongo Parish, Sub-county: Kisinga, District: Kasese
Launched in January 2017; 2020 women membership 160
Program team: Ketty Bwambale, Executive Director (not pictured); Solomon Bukundika, Program Lead; Priscilla Mbambu and Pelucy Baluku, Program Coordinators

BF women are the poorest of the poor, marginalized women of WWK.  Living in remote rural villages in the hills of western Uganda, most were subsistence farmers prior to our partnership. The women of Bliss Feme were raised in a continuous cycle of poverty, lacking access to education, healthcare, adequate shelter, and struggle daily to feed, clothe and educate their own children. The impact of climate change (flooding and droughts) adds to the struggles of the Uganda’s COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and 2021.

Current Projects: kitchen gardening/water tanks, fish farming, book binding, VSLAs