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Economic Empowerment Blossoms: WWK Women Thrive with Asset Financing

Since the inception of the asset-financing VSLA initiative in the summer of 2023, the growth among WWK women has been remarkable. In less than a year, 60 women entrepreneurs have seen a staggering 45% increase in their income-generating activities. Among them is Namuganza Tabisa (left), a member of the Abakyala Kisoboka Women’s Group (AKWG) in Jinja, Uganda. Through the asset loan program, she acquired an electric sewing machine, sparking a profound transformation in her business. Today, she not only sustains her household but also fulfills her career aspirations.

Similarly, Nalukwago Christine (right), a member of the Bujagala Kisoboka Women’s Group (BKWG) utilized her asset financing loan to procure essential farming supplies like sprays, tools, fertilizers, and improved seeds. Armed with these resources, the productivity of her maize and bean farm has soared, enabling her to meet the surging demand from customers and bring a steady income to her family.

Generously funded by the Hilden Charitable Fund and WIL Philadelphia, this initiative has empowered 60 WWK women entrepreneurs across Kiboga, Jinja, Nakaseke, and Kampala. With unwavering determination, they are paving the way for a brighter future for themselves and their families, overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities along the way.