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Kasese Women Hope to Pioneer Access to Safe Water

While WWK has worked with the women of Bliss Feme to lift them through the provision of interest-free capital, continuous education opportunities in entrepreneurship, adult literacy, and technology training, and responsive skill development, the challenge in Bughema Kamahanga village is that climate change has decreased this community’s ability to sustain its health, farming capacities, food security and productivity. Its current well is no longer able to provide water throughout the dry season. Moreover, the inefficiencies involved in walking long distances daily to the well impact the community’s productivity and the children’s ability to regularly attend school. WWK is seeking funding to dig a deeper well and bring water into the community through pipes that will rely on gravity flow, thus using the rugged terrain to save costs and assure water availability.

Having reliable and ready access to safe water will have an immediate and powerful impact on the wellbeing of the community through reduced illnesses from unsafe water, increased personal hygiene because of better access to clean water, reduced accidents and injuries associated with drawing water from long distances and improved economic productivity. While all villagers will benefit, this project will tackle the current barriers faced daily by the village of 800—especially women & children who frequently bear the burden of getting water for their families will realize particular benefit. Students will have more school time and women will have more time for economic activities.