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Meet Loice Kisombera, a member of Bliss Feme since 2017

Loice Kisombera is a highly industrious member of the Bliss Feme community in the hills of Kasese District, where life is especially challenging given the terrain, the impact of climate change, and the lack of water. As she is primarily responsible for her family, she used her access to capital to buy coffee as her business. During the off season, she also engages in farming and is happy to share that her harvest is good compared to past years for which she is grateful, especially during the pandemic. The beans she grows in the hills provide her with additional income and food for her family. In Loice’s words, “Working in several activities widens my income sources which helps take care of my family and allows me to save. You can see, I am drying the bean here in the tree behind me. I most thankful to With Women Kisoboka and Bliss Feme.”