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Nagadya Dorothy: A Tenacious Entrepreneur in the Busega Settlement

In 2021, Nagadya Dorothy became a member of WWK’s CBO KNI, a decision that marked the beginning of her inspiring entrepreneurial journey. A devoted mother of two, she made a strategic move by investing her initial capital directly into her vegetable stall. As her business flourished, she reaped profits that enabled her to achieve remarkable milestones. First, Dorothy acquired three goats, a significant step towards securing her family’s future. Additionally, she joined WWK’s VSLA savings group, which not only helped her financially, but also allowed her to meet the expenses of her children school tuition. Dorothy’s entrepreneurial spirit continues. She recently embarked on the ambitious project of making bricks to construct a poultry house, planning to diversify her business to include poultry rearing. Dorothy is not only growing her business for the sake of her family, she is also dedicated to positively impacting her community by joining KNI’s renewable waste briquette cooperative. Dorothy is a model for success among her fellow KNI members demonstrating the transformative power of determination, resourcefulness and the drive to create a better future for herself and her family in the Busega settlement.