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The Power of WWK VSLAS

Since launching in the spring of 2021, WWK’s VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) program has been pivotal in accelerating the financial path from unbanked to banked for participating members of WWK local community partners. Currently, 28 VSLAs are led and operated by the participating women and are increasing in number annually in coordination with WWK’s Graduation and Mentorship Program. Currently, WWK is hoping to add an Evolving Fund to our VSLA structure to intervene when a VSLA is short on capital and also provide VSLA members with a larger loan opportunity, leading to  greater profits. The Bujagala Kisoboka Women’s Group (BKWG), WWK’s CBO partner in Lwamata Sub-County, Kiboga, is active with 90 women members. Reporting on their VSLAs, the NGO Program Director shares, “Things are working well, and women are very happy as they are managing to meet their goals. Recently the BKWG VSLAs began their second cycle with the goal of setting the next loan at one million shillings or two hundred and sixty-five dollars.”