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Transformative Initiatives: The Impact of WWK Programs in Action

Mutesi Hadijah, a resilient single mother residing in Busega, Kampala District, found hope and opportunity through the transformative initiatives of WWK. Introduced to the organization by Nakangu Mary, the WWK Program Lead, Hadijah seized the chance to elevate her life. With a small Interest-Free Capital loan, she expanded the small retail shop she had in her home with new inventory, later venturing into the lucrative business of selling sambusas, a favorite snack in Uganda. Empowered by WWK’s entrepreneurial training and ongoing support, she diversified her income streams, including venturing into fresh tomato sales, significantly boosting her monthly earnings.

Embracing the ethos of WWK’s financial inclusion pathway, Hadijah joined the Okwegata Ge’manyi Saving Group, assuming the leadership role of Treasurer. Through diligent saving and strategic investment, she acquired a calf, purchased land for her future home, and is now gearing up to establish room rentals. Leveraging her entrepreneurial acumen, Hadijah also contributes to a successful liquid soap-making business, further enriching her financial stability. As an active participant in WWK’s Graduation and Mentorship program, she pays her success forward by mentoring others, epitomizing the ripple effect of WWK’s impactful programs. With her newfound prosperity, Hadijah joyfully fulfills her children’s educational needs, embodying the profound impact of WWK’s initiatives on her life and community.