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Uganda’s Parish Development Model Benefits 50 WWK Women

During the first quarter of 2022, Uganda’s Parish Development Model (PDM) was launched by the government to seed locally-owned development initiatives within informal settlements.  As WWK has worked in this community system approach since 2017, our members were not only a natural to be beneficiaries of this program, but WWK’s Program Director was selected by the KCCA (Kampala City Council Authority) to serve as Assistant Ward Administrator for Busega.

After months of anticipation, November 2023 heralded the long-awaited moment: the disbursement of funds earmarked for PDM.  Nakayiza Aminah, the NGO Program Director, spearheaded WWK’s campaign to apprise all WWK CBOs (community-based organizations) partners of this golden opportunity. Finally, two years since its inception, the PDM materialized, bringing forth tangible impact.

The dividends were felt first hand by 50 enterprising women of WWK. Each received a substantial allocation of one million Ugandan shillings (about $286), injecting fresh vitality into their collaborative small businesses. Within this progress, 15 resilient women from WWK’s Kiboga CBO thrived by establishing a maize farm. Simultaneously, another 15 women, of WWK’s Nakaseke local partner formed the profitable business of a piggery, turning dreams into reality. While 20 women from WWK CBO in Busega, Kisoboka Nano Initiative found their stride in championing bio briquettes for clean cook in their urban settlement.

Among the faces of empowerment are Mpirirwe Juliet, a torchbearer of success in the bio-briquette collaborative within Busega, Kampala. Alongside her, is Ingabire Colodina who is among the Kiboga maize collaborative who also received PDM funds.