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VSLAs as essential step to formal financial inclusion

Thankfully, WWK introduced its Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) program during spring of 2021. It made it possible for many of the marginalized women we serve to make it through the Covid lockdown in country. Pictured here (left) is a meeting of one of the VSLA groups in WWK’s local partner in Nakaseke and (right) is WWK Program Director Nakayiza Aminah as she trains the member of WWK’s local partner in Kiboga. Our members are now embracing a culture of savings as they access greater capital through their VSLAs. WWK’s network partner, the Ugandan fintech company Ensibuuko, with the support of the WWK NGO, trained all six of of our local partners in their proven methodology. Read under the story titled, ‘Digital literacy is transformative for women’s empowerment’ to learn how digitizing the VSLAs provides each member of WWK a historical record of saving and loaning on their path to formal financial inclusion.