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WWK’s Mentorship Program is Thriving and Growing

In a dynamic gathering at WWK’s headquarters in Busega, Kampala district, Nalukwago Milly, the NGO Executive Director and Nakayiza Aminah, Program Director brought together WWK mentors. It was a day of reflection, learning and spirited discussion geared towards nurturing the critical Mentorship Program that plays a pivotal role in WWK’s strategic growth. Seven original mentors who have been the strength of the program, and the NGO leadership welcomed five new mentors to the fold. The empowering agenda included: revisiting their skills and responsibilities, sharing their most successful practices, and engaging in profound conversation that would ultimately benefit the women they mentored. The warmth and inclusivity that is the essence of how mentors are trained to interact with their mentees was apparent. Just as the week was a training, it was also a gathering of like-minded individuals determined to make a difference in the lives of the women they served. The Graduation and Mentorship program of With Women Kisoboka has touched the lives of over 40 women across our local partner communities. By the end of this year, WWK’s current beneficiaries will graduate from the interest-free capital loan program, making way for hundreds of new women to join our impactful programming. This growth is not just about increased numbers, it is about the growth and transformation of women learning problem-solve, stepping into leadership roles, mastering actively listening, and most importantly taking care of themselves.