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Story of Berasira Musabye

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Besaria Musabye’s story is a journey from extreme distress to security and from security to success. Her frightening journey began in the Kisoro District between Rwanda and Uganda, where she married and felt blessed to have two healthy children. Financial ruin prompted her husband to abandon the family forcing Besaria to flee to a nearby police station for shelter and then travel for days to ultimately work at a tea factory to avoid starvation. In a nearby village she later found work as a house maid and after six months bought herself a sewing machine. Her perseverance and determination inspired her to join WWK partnership in 2018. Besaria used her first interest-free loan to buy 22 meters of cloth to sew baby clothes. As Besaria says, “I am today able to pay my rent, buy food and pay school fees for my children. I have tripled my daily income and see a bright future for my family!”