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Story of Nabaweezi Gertrude

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Nabaweezi Gertrude decided to be trained in tailoring, as her parents died and when she was young, and extreme poverty was a great challenge. After receiving her tailoring certificate, she married and now has two children. Yet, like so many of the vulnerable women in Uganda, she was abandoned by her husband and her family’s situation worsened. Food was scarce and survival was a concern. In 2018, she joined the WWK community of women and with her first loan she began selling roasted maize with her two children on the roadside. Gertrude benefits not only from the access to capital but from the literacy and business education she receives from the WWK program team as well as from being a part of a mobilized group of women entrepreneurs. Gertrude now has her own tailoring machine and is excited about the potential to grow her business, which will make it possible to pay school fees for her children.