Women continue to grow in their independence, business acumen and leadership potential, having developed their businesses toward sustainability, growing in awareness of community needs, transitioning to self-sufficiency, and becoming more technologically savvy. At this point, the women are ripe to enter the social and economic benefits of formal financial services which offer access to greater capital as well as affordable financial products and services that meet their needs including transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance. Carefully and thoughtfully, the women entrepreneurs grow their capital, save increasingly more, and have the opportunity to consider developing their business into micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), partnering in cooperatives with others in their community. With a focus on resilience, and their ability to withstand the setbacks of challenges of which they are well aware, they are lifting themselves from poverty, systemically responding to community needs, continuously improving, mentoring young women, improving labor markets functions, and living a life of dignity that in turn provides better opportunity for their children.