Women continue to grow in their independence, business acumen and leadership potential, having developed their businesses toward sustainability, growing in awareness of community needs, transitioning to self-sufficiency, and becoming more technologically savvy. At this point, the women are ripe to enter the social and economic benefits of formal financial services which offer access to greater capital as well as affordable financial products and services that meet their needs including transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance.

The women of the NGO's local partners—having achieved to this point of independence—seek now to bring transformative change to their community with first time access to safe water and health care. This pivotal initiative brings key infrastructure to WWK communities which is needed for them to thrive. With access within the community to water and healthcare, productivity will be on the rise, incomes will increase, girls will focus on school and learning, and the health and well-being of thousands will improve as water-borne illnesses will be eliminated, and basic health will improve.