Girl Up Initiative Uganda

Girl Up Initiative Uganda aims to educate and build the confidence of girls, women and youth through their holistic education, economic empowerment, and youth engagement programs in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Arthur B. Schultz Foundation (ABSF)

ABSF supports alternative pathways to economic independence for women.  They partner with  organizations focused on entrepreneurship and vocational skills training, as well as seed funding for business creation and development. ABSF’s vision is: “A world with opportunities for all women to receive an education, assume leadership roles and achieve economic independence.”

Empowerment Works

Inspired by indigenous wisdom since 2001, Empowerment WORKS is a social change organization unleashing the power of collaboration in the relentless pursuit of a sustainable, just future for all.

Street Business School

A poverty-eradication, global training organization, Street Business School looks to train partners to decrease poverty through a business training program and professional curriculum consultation.