The Hilden Charitable Fund

The Hilden Charitable Fund funds projects overseas – in Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda, with a preference for organizations based in the country where the work is delivered, and with a focus on projects which enable rural and/or displaced communities to become more self-sufficient.


AOET/Action for Empowerment

AOET, in serving its mission to meet the needs of vulnerable groups through education, community empowerment, health care and psychosocial services, provides access and service delivery of affordable quality health care to marginalized communities in Uganda.


Barefoot Law

BarefootLaw is a nonprofit organization which, through the innovative use of digital technology, empowers people with free legal information so that they can use it to develop legal solutions for their justice needs.

mSME Garage

mSME Garage is a brain child of Barefoot Law, a nonprofit, social enterprise dedicated to improving access to justice and the law. The mSME Garage initiative targets small business owners and nonprofit organizations and uses our broad skill set to help our clients tackle the major challenges they face and build successful businesses.

Creative Action Institute

Creative Action Institute catalyzes community-driven solutions that advance gender equality and build a sustainable planet. Through our experiential trainings, convenings, and coaching we develop creative leaders, build networks, and support grassroots advocacy globally.


Ensibuuko is a Ugandan fintech company that designs and implements digital products and services that connect the unbanked to the wider financial ecosystem with the knowledge needed to make sound decisions about using them.

Bain Capital Community Partnership

Bain Capital Children’s Charity (BCCC) was founded to provide financial support to U.S. nonprofit organizations that benefit children and young people in unique and valuable ways. Bain Capital employees have the opportunity to nominate causes that are important to them and where they are giving their time, expertise, and resources. Each year more than 70 organizations receive grants to support their general operating needs and impactful programs.


Period @ Sacramento, CA Chapter works under the nationwide PERIOD, INC. Menstrual Movement to eliminate period poverty and stigma through the core pillars of PERIOD: service, education, and advocacy.

Girl Up Initiative Uganda

Girl Up Initiative Uganda aims to educate and build the confidence of girls, women and youth through their holistic education, economic empowerment, and youth engagement programs in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Women International Leaders

WIL invests in underserved women globally who take the lead in becoming self-sufficient, elevating their families and communities.

Arthur B. Schultz Foundation (ABSF)

ABSF supports alternative pathways to economic independence for women.  They partner with  organizations focused on entrepreneurship and vocational skills training, as well as seed funding for business creation and development. ABSF’s vision is: “A world with opportunities for all women to receive an education, assume leadership roles and achieve economic independence.”

Street Business School

A poverty-eradication, global training organization, Street Business School looks to train partners to decrease poverty through a business training program and professional curriculum consultation.


Empowerment Works

Inspired by indigenous wisdom since 2001, Empowerment WORKS is a social change organization unleashing the power of collaboration in the relentless pursuit of a sustainable, just future for all.