With Women Kisoboka is engaged in our work because the women we work with have expressed their readiness to make the change in their lives and that of their children, as well as their community. They are already harnessing their collective power to generate this positive change. As we seek to continuously improve, we always listen to the women of our communities, who not only want to diversify and expand their livelihoods, but too who want to positively impact their communities with improved health and safety, as well as greater environmental conservation.


We operate exclusively with local CBOs and NGOs, and at the close of 2020, will serve more than 800 women, with intention to continually expand annually. In Busega, Kampala District, where we work with the CBO Kisoboka Nano Initiative, housing is unstable, and the women struggle to address the constant emergency needs. Frequent droughts and erratic rains are problematic given poor drainage channels and solid waste management practices and limited rain water harvesting. In Kanyampara-Kamughobe 1, Nyabirongo Parish, Kisinga sub-County, Kasese District, where we work with the CBO Bliss Feme, the women live in the hills and mountains, where hunger, sickness and lack of education are a way of life. Here, and in Nakasseke, where we work with the CBO ACCESS, a rural, under resourced health community northwest of Kampala, environmental, health and economic threats from carbon emissions, as a result of cooking with firewood, indoor pollution from kerosene lights, and injury and medical risks from open fires are omnipresent. And, in Kyaninga, where we work with the CBO ARKCCAO, the volcanic soil is highly fertile, and as such many women are farmers, although poor roads, soil degradation, and lack of crop diversity, resulting from climate change, has been a challenge.

"Inherent to systems change is the recognition that scalable, sustainable change for all people and the planet happens through an interconnected, organized, flexible approach involving multiple participants. Change cannot occur when efforts exist in silos; sustainable change happens when we collaborate and work together as a highly functioning system."

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Our local partners

Kisoboka Nano Initiative (KNI)

Kisoboka Nano Initiative (KNI)
Busega, Lubaga Division, Kampala
Launched in June 2018: 2023 women membership: 93 active members
Program team: Nakangu Mary, Program Lead and Wanyana Angella, Program Coordinator

KNI is located in Busega, one of the 60+ informal settlements of Kampala, the capital and largest city in Uganda. The vulnerable urban neighborhoods are challenged by exceptionally poor hygiene and sanitation, (more…)


Nakaseke, Kasangombe and Kikamulo sub-counties, Nakaseke District
Launched in January 2019; 2023 women membership 117 active members
Program team: Esterloy Katali, Executive Director (not pictured); Florence Nakafeero, Program Lead; and Milly Nsubuga, Program Coordinator

Nakaseke is a rural community in central Uganda, an hour’s drive northwest of Kampala, where most of the women are subsistence farmers with no education and little experience in business. It is one of the most under resourced health (more…)

Bujagala Kisoboka Women’s Group

Bujagala Kisoboka Women’s Group
Bujagala Village, Lwamata Sub-County, Kiboga District
Launched March 2020; 2023 women membership 97 active members
Program team: Natujuna Ruth, Program Lead and Kabaami Maria Asira, Program Coordinator

Kiboga District is predominately rural with 80% of people working in agriculture. The BKWG women live in a small remote village in Lawamata Sub-County where the challenges are extreme poverty, lack of access to health, education (more…)

Abakyala Kisoboka Women’s Group (AKWG)

Abakyala Kisoboka Women’s Group
Kayunga Village, Mafubira Parish, Butembe City Sub-County, Jinja District
To launch March 2021; 2023 women membership 86 active members
Program team: Mutesi Shaminah, Program Lead and Nalwadda Josephine, Program Coordinator

This is an urban settlement located in Jinja district in the south eastern region of Uganda. Butembe is one of three sub-counties and Kayunga village is one of 381 villages in Jinja District. The village is marginalized and lacking of basic (more…)

Bliss Feme

 WWK’s local partner in Kasese graduated from the NGO engagement in December 2023. As shared by Ketty Bwambale, Bliss Feme Executive Director, “Bliss Feme’s seven years of partnership with WWK has given skills to make women rise to the next level of self-actualization as you envisioned. On behalf of the CBO Bliss Feme, I am grateful to you for the funding, effort, hard work, and determination that have enabled our women participants to reach this far.”

Bliss Feme
Kanyampara-Kamughobe 1; Nyabirongo Parish, Sub-county: Kisinga, District: Kasese
Launched in January 2017; 2023 women membership 128 active members
Program team: Ketty Bwambale, Executive Director (not pictured); Solomon Bukundika, Program Lead; Priscilla Mbambu and Ferestus Biira, Program Coordinators

BF women are the poorest of the poor, marginalized women of WWK.  Living in remote rural villages in the hills of western Uganda, most were subsistence farmers prior to our partnership. The women of Bliss Feme were raised in a (more…)