Every dollar you contribute goes to empowering marginalized women who live at the lowest income level to bring transformative systems change to their community.

In this last quarter of 2020, we need your help. Your generosity will assure that WWK local partners will survive the COVID pandemic and WWK women members will have the support to lift themselves, their families and in doing so their community.

Your contribution will help WWK to achieve our mission by:

Promoting economic empowerment and access to financial inclusion among the most vulnerable women in Uganda. The 800 women we work with live at the lowest income level in the country’s urban slums and remote rural villages. Their lives and the well-being of their family and community can progressively change with your support.
Furthering literacy, business and essential learning of WWK women, many of who did not benefit from beyond public primary or senior schooling. Literacy and numeracy education, and entrepreneurship training encourages confidence, furthers a sense of self-sufficiency and resiliency, develops income management sophistication, increases an understanding of important leadership skills and empowers the women to make meaningful choices.
Supporting WWK’s essential staff and needed transport. The full time NGO staff includes an Executive Director and Program Director who manage all operations of what will be 6 local partners in 2021. They speak weekly with the local program teams providing organizational updates, engage monthly on All Hands Zoom calls, visit the local partners three times annually, coordinate with local network partners, operate all administrative NGO functions and are liaison with the US nonprofit. Within each WWK community, the part-time Program staff support the mobilized group of women as a government-recognized community-based organization (CBO), which gives them increased recognition within their village. The Program Lead and Program Coordinator hold monthly distributions and collections of loans, facilitate the VSLAs (Village Savings and Loan Associations), coordinate NGO visits and local workshops, communicate with the local leadership, and are the touch point for all members to problems solve around barriers they may be facing and to ensure their success.
Making possible new business growth by providing the assets and specific skill development needed by the women of WWK local partners.

With Women Kisoboka (US) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All contributions to support With Women Kisoboka are tax deductible. (EIN 84-4956061).

Thank you!

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