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Nakaseke, Kasangombe and Kikamulo sub-counties, Nakaseke District
Launched in January 2019; 2023 women membership 117 active members
Program team: Esterloy Katali, Executive Director (not pictured); Florence Nakafeero, Program Lead; and Milly Nsubuga, Program Coordinator

Nakaseke is a rural community in central Uganda, an hour’s drive northwest of Kampala, where most of the women are subsistence farmers with no education and little experience in business. It is one of the most under resourced health districts in Uganda. Our local partner ACCESS was founded by Dr. Robert Kalyesubula, a leading nephrologist at Mulago Hospital, who having grown up as an orphan, losing his parents in the Resistance War, was determined to help other orphans and vulnerable children. ACCESS is a CBO founded on the premise that everyone has a right to a healthy life. Working in the resource-limited setting of Nakaseke, they provide medical care, education and economic empowerment to the entire community.

The challenges for WWK members with ACCESS are: marketing of products, expensive feeds, unsuitable farming tools and supplies, and distances between the villages in the sub-counties served.

Current Projects: beekeeping, poultry rearing, bio briquettes, book binding, VSLAs