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Digital literacy is transformative for women’s empowerment

As leaders in their VSLAs, members in Kasese District, and Nantongo Margret from the urban settlement in Kampala District, share their delight as this opportunity as their first exposure to digital literacy. Thinking that digital learning was only for the well-to-do, they are growing in their determination to be part of the wider financial ecosystem for the benefit of their children. Digital inclusion is recognized on all fronts as a transformative solution to empower women through financial inclusion and access to mobile technology. For WWK, it also provides accurate and efficient means to gather information on the economic heath of our participants. We owe this pivotal step to our local partner Ensibuuko whose MOBIS software is digitizing both WWK’s interest-free capital (IFC) loans and the VSLAs, paving the path for formal financial inclusion for WWK women.