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Kisoboka Nano Initiative (KNI)

Kisoboka Nano Initiative (KNI)
Busega, Lubaga Division, Kampala
Launched in June 2018: 2023 women membership: 93 active members
Program team: Nakangu Mary, Program Lead and Wanyana Angella, Program Coordinator

KNI is located in Busega, one of the 60+ informal settlements of Kampala, the capital and largest city in Uganda. The vulnerable urban neighborhoods are challenged by exceptionally poor hygiene and sanitation, close quarters and unstable, inadequate housing, soil unfit for growing crops, and a continually increasing population furthering pressure on an already poor infrastructure. Most KNI women are single moms who as poor and marginalized lack an education, access to information, and healthcare, and often are abandoned by their husbands, thereby having the sole responsibility for the well-being of their children.

The majority of WWK/KNI members have full responsibility for their families, face unstable rent and fluctuating prices on needed commodities and the high cost of health care.

Current Projects: tailoring collaborative, poultry rearing, bio-briquettes making, liquid soap, school book binding, VSLAs