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Tailoring Cooperatives are Blossoming

WWK’s CBO partners’ wishes for a tailoring cooperative were answered by a generous donor in 2022 and a funding partner in 2023 who together funded seven sewing machines.  Hajjarah Namutebi of WWK’s partner in the urban settlement of Busega, Kampala District, (pictured above sewing reusable sanitary pads to market to WWK communities) is a strong seamstress who generously trains her fellow cooperative members who plan on forming a tailoring shop to improve their earnings. WWK will loan two knitting machines and a sweater sewing machine to this business whose members intend to share their profits to buy or lease a shop in Kampala. Tailoring is a profitable business as revenue includes designing, making and altering clothing. The market is strong for family clothing, but also for school uniforms. Currently there are tailoring cooperatives forming within WWK’s partners located in the districts of Kampala, Jinja, and Kiboga. We look forward to sharing more of their successes.