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Story of Kyakimwa Sylvia

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Kyakimwa Sylvia grew up in Kabingo and though her parents were low income earners attended school up to grade nine. As her family could no longer afford her school fees, Sylvia married at age 17 and moved to Kisinga sub-county in the hills of Kasese District, where life is difficult and the poverty is pervasive. Silvia’s husband abandoned her upon the birth of her second child and she found herself and her children on the brink of starvation. She was grateful to learn about WWK just when she was about to lose all hope. With her first access to capital, she bought and sold tomatoes and eggplants as her business. Her life began to change for the better. Each year since 2017, she has been able to pay back her loans in full and take another loan. Sylvia says, “As a member of WWK, my life has changed. Because I have doubled my income, I am now buying cocoa as one way of expanding my business.” Sylvia’s goal is to be a cocoa distributer so that she can educate her children, buy land and also grow cocoa for more income. Having learned from her own experience, Sylvia is determined that her children receive an education.