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BookMaking is in full gear at WWK

Since schools opened in January 2022, book-making has return to being a busy business for our CBO partners in Kasese and Nakaseke, both of whom have been provided paper cutting and binding machines from WWK. The demand for books is high and in Kasese for our local CBO partner Bliss Feme. The sub-county leadership said they will look for market for the women if they produce in big numbers thereby not only increasing their business growth but also improving Bliss Feme’s relationship with the Kisinga Subcounty local leadership. Likewise, WWK’s CBO partner ACCESS in Nakaseke has an order from a local pre-school for 3,000 exercise books for this fall. This business idea for manufacturing and marketing of exercise books, which are used by all school student from pre-school through senior four, as well as offices and other business is proving to be highly successful and sustainable.