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Empowering Communities: Poultry Farming Triumphs at WWK

In the heart of Kampala District’s Busega urban settlement, With Women Kisoboka (WWK) took flight with their Poultry Farming project, bolstered by the generous support of the Arthur B. Schultz Foundation, their first funding partner. While the initial vision was to empower 35 marginalized women through the rearing of 1,500 chicks, the project encountered unexpected challenges with the Covid pandemic lockdown in country. Yet navigating this, Nakayiza Aminah, WWK’s Program Director, orchestrated three sequential small poultry rearing projects, each working with 300 chicks, and yielding a remarkable $105 in profits for eight women.

The ripple effects of expanding poultry farming beyond Busega into Jinja and Nakaseke have been profound.  In addition to this business buoying the local economy and aiding in paying school fees, it helps enhance nutrition and food security for the families and their communities.  Community members can now add eggs and meat, both rich reservoirs of high-quality protein, to their dinner tables to improve their general health and well-being.