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Fostering Self-Sufficiency: The NGO’s Journey into Animal Rearing

In the spring of 2022, With Women Kisoboka NGO took a significant step towards independence and sustainability with the generous support of its funding partners: the Arthur B. Schultz Foundation and WIL Philadelphia. They initiated a piggery in Nakaseke and fish farm in Kasese. These projects engage local WWK women and CBO leadership, allowing them to actively manage and benefit from the project’s success. Both the fish farm and piggery were launched in late spring and summer 2022, with expectations of generating profits this December. These initiatives serve as learning centers for WWK’s local partners and communities, teaching them how to tackle local food insecurity by providing access to high quality animal breeds and expert training in fish and pig farming. Pig production offers high value animal sources for both home consumption and local/regional markets. Fish farming is highly profitable within a relatively short timeframe and a strong local and regional demand. The benefits of these projects, as learning centers, extend to the NGO and CBOs involved by a) increasing earned income and training experience for the NGO that will result in capacity growth and sustainability of the organization, b) improving in the important community-based skill development of farming fish and pigs for WWK members, c) enhancing community understanding of the nutritional, medicinal benefits and business benefits within the agricultural economy of Uganda, and d) increasing in member engagement in these agricultural projects resulting in added income and related businesses.