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Growing businesses at WWK local partners support each other

Nakafeero Sarah (left) and Namuwonge Rose (right) are members of WWK’s local partner in the Busega settlement of Kampala. Rose joined the CBO Kisoboka Nano Initiative (KNI) in 2019 and applied her first interest free loan to making sweaters. She initially had to borrow a sewing machine, but in 2023 her dreams came true as a WWK funder enabled Sarah to now have a machine specifically to tailor her sweaters. Word spread in the settlement about how beautiful these sweater are so that Sarah reached out to Rose for sweaters for the children of her growing preschool! Sarah first joined KNI in 2021 and used the funds loaned to buy two desks and one mat to start a daycare school on the verandah of her house. She began with 30 children and the school has grown to 60 students. Once the number of children increased, as part of the WWK VSLA (Village Savings and Loan) program, Sarah received a loan to build two rooms for her school and to contract with Rose to make sweaters. Both KNI members are delighted and know their life is changing because of the initial interest free capital loans and WWK’s culture of saving.