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Initiative conquers pandemic challenges for the women of Kiboga, Uganda

The Bujagala Kisoboka Women’s Group (BKWG) joined WWK in January 2020. Their first interest-free loan distribution happened in March 2020. Thankfully, it did take place just prior to the pandemic lockdown.  With access to capital for the first time, women of the Bujagala Kisoboka Women’s Group worked actively in their gardens, rearing animals and selling fresh foods and vegetables within their community. Demonstrating their initiative, the women of Lawamata Sub-County—where extreme poverty is a significant challenge, as is lack of access to health, education and overall resources—the women succeeded in harvesting strong yields from their gardens making it possible to have enough nutritious food for their families. WWK/BKWG women are also happy to be part of a growing bee-keeping collaborative. They are appreciative to WWK’s local partner in Nakaseke for knowledge-sharing this community-based skill.  The honey they collect in addition to serving their community is used to make a variety of honey products and medicines produced by the Nakaseke Bee Keeping Project, a business of WWK Program Lead Nakafeero Florence