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Mentorship: the solution to scaling and leadership

Since launching WWK’s mentorship program during the summer of 2022, following WWK’s first graduation in the spring, we worked with the intention to help scale our programming to reach more women, as well as to promote leadership among WWK members. WWK’s program leads who work as Mentorship Coordinators share that the mentorship is helping mentees to build their confidence in achieving their goals and in discovering themselves. As pictured above, just as Jingo Dorcas is mentoring a new member of her in her village in Jinja, Uganda, Priscilla Mbamu is mentoring a member of her rural community in the hills of Kasese. Priscilla comments, “I am learning from the mentee I work with. They are helping me not only to understand how to help them, but also making me aware of issues in my community. Together we are working to make smarter decisions about our actions, so we both achieve our dreams.”