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Nakagolo Zalika Works for a Better Life for Her Children

by Hannan Canada, WWK 2022 intern
During my visit to the Jinga community of With Women Kisoboka, I came across Nakagolo Zalika. Zalika joined the Abakyala Kisoboka Women’s Group in Kayunga Village in 2021 and put her interest-free loan to work selling maize, avocado, and fresh dairy. As a mom to 4 children, she sells her products near the main roadside close to her home where she receives a good amount of profits from her business location. The challenge is she does not have a shelter cover to protect her and her products from the rain. While the weather in Uganda varies quite a bit, it is often difficult to sense when it is going to rain or not. Throughout all of this, she is also currently paying school bills, while trying to save up for a shelter cover for her business so she can sell regardless of the weather.