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Bringing Legal Enlightenment to WWK’s Rural Communities

Recently With Women Kisoboka (WWK) partnered with the highly reputable BarefootLaw to further empower the women we serve through the innovative use of digital technology to foster connection to free legal services to develop solutions for their justice needs. In recent community visits that were highly participatory, the NGO introduced a team of lawyers from BarefootLaw. In the rural villages of Kiboga and Nakaseke, WWK was joined by Concern for the Girl Child and Barefoot Law to conduct a joint training on Succession & Child maintenance laws in Uganda. The discussion was highly participatory as the questions and experiences shared help us clarify for all present several things as stipulated in the law. Namukwaya Edith a resident in Nakaseke town shares, “We were sensitized by Florence, the lead coordinator ACCESS community, WWK and Barefootlaw. I was amazed because I had thought that lawyers are only English-speaking people, but their teaching was in our local language (Luganda) which helped all of us to understand fully the points about the law that they shared. Their presentation helped me a lot and am so happy for the community regarding this new found understanding the law.” Edith’s words highlight the positive impact of this initiative on WWK community members. She also thanked WWK for making legal education accessible and affordable, especially in addressing challenges like land disputes and domestic violence. This collaboration truly shines a light on justice and empowerment in the rural communities where WWK works.