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Kitchen gardening Reimagined

When the kitchen gardening and water access was first funded by ABSF and WIL Philadelphia in 2021, it enabled the most vulnerable of WWK women who live in the hills of Kasese to have healthy food for their family, as well as vegetables to sell at the local market. Twelve of the 30 participating women also were supported with a 2-liter rainwater tank to be certain that their gardens would be successful, given that climate change brought unexpected droughts and floods to the region. As this project began during the pandemic and has continued, many of the participating women struggled to both grow their gardens and also meet the needs of their children like school fees and sickness. The WWK Program Director Nakayiza Aminah spoke several times to the women who also are participants in WWK’s VSLA program, and the Program Team helped the women to get back on track during this planting season with a small seed bed. With the recent funding of an asset-financing VSLA program funded by WIL Philadelphia and the Hilden Foundation, the women will take loans as part of this program to potentially buy additional rainwater tanks as well as seeds for expanding seed beds, and continue to save through their VSLA, to manage both growing their kitchen gardens and attending to the needs of their children.