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Nabukeera Annet’s Inspiring Story of Empowerment

In the heart of the urban settlement of Busega, Kampala District, Nabukeera Annet’s story is one of resilience and transformation. Like many others, Annet found herself thrust into uncertainty when the pandemic took her job away. She was faced with the daunting challenge of how to provide for her children, put food on the table, and ensure her children’s continued education. Hope emerges when a friend introduced her to the CBO Kisoboka Nano Initiative (KNI), a local partner of the NGO With Women Kisoboka (WWK). She was so happy to learn that she could access a small interest-free loan through this initiative. With the initial capital she received, she chose to pursue her dream of tailoring, a skill through which she could move from distress to success. She enrolled in training for tailoring and continued to hone her craft. She repaid her loan and received a larger loan to purchase more materials, transforming the fabric into beautiful bags of various sizes, shapes, and patterns. Her creativity grew and she crafted aprons, bonnets, and dresses. Through the profits from her successful tailoring business, Annet joined WWK’s VSLA program, through which she discovered opportunities for greater capital, digital learning, and leadership. As her businesses grew, so did her determination to provide her children a promising life. She used her hard-earned savings not only to diversify her business, venturing into the business of liquid soap, but to also ensure her children’s education by paying their school fees. Annet’s story is heartwarming and one of the human spirit and the transformative power of community support.