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Stitching Success: Tailoring is Turning into a Lucrative Venture

In the heart of three WWK local partners, tailoring is not only an art, but also a flourishing enterprise that is changing lives and shaping futures. The craft both profitable and an indispensable business catering to the needs of individuals, schools, and businesses alike. It is an industry that will always be needed and withstands economic changes and challenges. In Kampala, Jinja and Kiboga, WWK beneficiaries are learning fine tailoring skills, taking the businesses into their own hands and achieving great success. Kampala, for instance, is the home to a thriving tailoring cooperative that engages 13 talented women. Rose Namuwonge are among those tailors who are doing exceptionally well. She has orders from different schools. Her success is a model that is encouraging other tailors in the cooperative. Hajjarah, a highly skilled tailor in the KNI cooperative has shared her fine skills with the women of Jinja and Kiboga so that today six woman are in the fold of their tailoring shop in Kayunga village, Jinja, and eight women in Bujagala village form a tailoring business in Kiboga.