With Women Kisoboka has two ways you can be an essential part of making a significant difference in furthering gender equality.

    1. You can sponsor an entrepreneur Partner Mom who is striving to have her children live a better life than her own
    2. You can sponsor an emerging Woman Leader who can benefit from the mentorship of your success in business as a woman

Our process:
1. Sign up for a Partner Sponsorship.
2. Optional: We put you in touch with your Partner Mom or Woman Leader in Uganda by phone or email.
3. Sponsors are engaged for 3-5 years to create a stable transition from distress to success as our Partner Moms and Women Leaders grow themselves, their family and their community.

Meet Our Members Who Would Enjoy And Appreciate Your Sponsorship


Naluyima Edida

Naluyima Edida is a 42 year-old single mother of five in Nakaseke, Uganda. She was born during the Ugandan Civil War and lived a challenging life until she benefitted from WWK’s programming. With her first access to capital, Edida has established a thriving business selling bananas and has remarkably reduced her and her family’s poverty likelihood by 22% in less than three years!

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Berasira Musabye

Berasira Musabye is 37 years old with two children.  Her story demonstrates the desire of most vulnerable women to make their children’s lives better. The challenges Besaria faced as a single mom, were punishing. Berasira did everything she could to survive with her young children, so that they would have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and be able to go to school.  Today, WWK has made it possible for her to more than triple her daily income from 5,000ugx to 18,000ugx, in just 3 years. Now, Besaria sees a promising future for her family.

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Nakate Esteri

Nakate Esteri is a loving mother of four who lives in a predominately rural and remote village where 80% of people work in subsistence agriculture. Esteri did not go to school and married very young. She is exceptionally grateful to WWK, as she grew to double her daily income through a banana juice business and provides for the well-being of her family.

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Kyakimwa Sylvia

Kyakimwa Sylvia is happy to be sponsored!
Kyakimwa Sylvia is a young mother at 27 whose children range from 1-10 years of age. She knows from her own experience that education is essential to break the generational cycle of poverty. Sylvia was fortunate to have schooling up until grade 9, but then married young to survive. Despite being married, she struggled to provide for her family until she became a member of WWK in the hills of Kasese District.  Sylvia is growing her produce sales business to be able educate her children and to buy land to build a home.

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Nakagolo Zalika

Nakagolo Zalika is happy to be sponsored!
Nakagolo Zalika, a 30-year old mother of five, has revealed the deep drive to improve the lives of her children. Living in a remote rural village in Jinga District, she first worked to wash clothes for her neighbors and since joining WWK last year, has begun to sell roasted maize at night. With your sponsorship, Zalika can be the change not only within her family, but as an active member of her community.

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Nabaweezi Gertrude

Nabaweezi Gertrude is 40 years old and a mother of two living in the Busega urban settlement of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. During difficult times, she trained as tailor to provide for her children as a single mother. Once she joined WWK, she used the profits from her initial business to buy a sewing machine. Today, Gertrude is determined to grow her business and make certain she can pay for her children’s education.

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Meet WWK’s Women Leaders Who would Appreciate Your Sponsorship


Nalukwago Milly

Milly holds a diploma in education and worked for eight years teaching preschool in Kampala District. Since 2016, she served as Country Coordinator for the Uganda program of the out-of-country nonprofit, and in 2019 accepted the role as Executive Director of the ingenious NGO With Women Kisoboka. Knowing what it means to be a single mother, Milly appreciates the opportunity to work with poor, marginalized women of the local community partners, providing support, advice, and encouragement.

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Nakangu Mary

Mary grew up in the south of Wakiso District and worked diligently from when she was a young child to move up in her years of schooling to ultimately receive a teaching certificate. She worked for some time as a preschool teacher before joining the team of With Women Kisoboka. Recently promoted to Program Lead of our local partner Kisoboka Nano Initiative in Kampala’s Busega settlement, Mary shares, “As a single mother of four, I now see success in my life and understand that I can realize my dream of educating my children and building a safe and comfortable home.

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Nakafeero Florence

Florence is 41 years old and the mother of five children. She was raised in rural district by a single mom. From a young age she worked at whatever job she could find to survive and to pay her school fees. Remarkably, she progressed through school and received a certificate in nursing. She worked for health facilities for many years, and joined WWK’s local partner in Nakaseke as a Village Health Worker (VHT). Realizing the benefits she received as a member of WWK, after a short term serving as the Program Coordinator, she was promoted to Program Lead. Florence began as a bee farmer on a small scale. With the support of WWK, she has trained many other women in this highly successful business and herself has grown as a recognized honey producer.

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Mutesi Shaminah

Shaminah is a graduate of a program in information technology. More recently she is working as the Program Lead of the Abakyala Kisoboka Women’s Group, WWK’s most current local partner located in the Kayunga Village in Jinja District. She is a 32-year-old mother of one and also operates a small restaurant in her village to meet the needs of her family. Shaminah was orphaned at a young age and raised by her aunt who struggled to feed, clothe and educate those in her care. She is well aware of the challenges of being raised in poverty and is grateful to WWK opportunities provided to her and her community.

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Nakayiza Aminah

Aminah is a certified tailor by profession, and lives among the women of our local partner in the Busega settlement of Kampala District. Since 2016, she has served as Program Director of the With Women Kisoboka. A single mother of 5 children, Aminah not only runs a sewing business through which she trains others in clothing design and tailoring, she also formerly operated a mushroom farm on her homestead, as a model for others in her community. An integral member of the WWK team, Aminah has grown in her business skills through trainings by Street Business School, leadership from a course with Creative Action Institute and is skilled as a trainer in Reproductive Health and Gender-based Violence through training by Girl Up Initiative Uganda.

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